Coconut Milk Attchu Murukku!

INGREDIENTS: Rice Flour, Urid Dhal, Edible Oil, Seasame, Coconut Milk, Sugar and Butter.

Tested by SGS LAB, Chennai.

Best Before 30 Days from the Date of Packing

Murruku is a South Indian crunchy snack food made mainly with rice flour. There are so many different varieties of Murukku. Attchu Murukku is a sweeter version of this South Indian fried food made using a mold. In Tamil language, Murukku means twisted because of its shape and Attchu means Mold: Here a flower shaped mold is used to make Attchu Murukku. This is the most favourite snack for many peoples.All just love it for sweetness with a flavour of coconut milk.It has a very pretty flower shape. And Loved for its crunchiness.
Nutritional Facts Per 100g (Approx)
Energy449.09 Kcal
Carbohydrate60.48 g
Protein7.35 g
Fat19.75 g
Sugar12.54 g