Coconut Milk Murukku!

INGREDIENTS: Rice Flour, Orid Dhal, Edible Oil, Seasame, Coconut Milk, Iodised Salt and Butter.

Tested by SGS LAB, Chennai.

Best Before 30 Days from the Date of Packing

Thengai paal murukku will be very flavorful and will not have any traces of sweetness. In this murukku we add only thin coconut milk. So don’t worry about the high calorie of coconut milk. It tasted super flavourful.They are crispy, little sweet and full of coconut flavour. Thengai paal authentic snacks prepared with Parboiled rice (puzhungal arusi) n with grated fresh coconut.Can be a festive recipe..very crispy n easy to prepare, completely different from usual ways of preparing murukkus..Sure it will be a huge hit with kids n from adults too.To make this snack, a dough made of water, ghee, rice flour, salt, cumin and chili is mixed together and kneaded into a spiral shape. Then they are fried and voila! You have a crispy and crunchy snack.
Nutritional Facts Per 100g (Approx)
Energy449.09 Kcal
Carbohydrate60.48 g
Protein7.35 g
Fat19.75 g
Sugar12.54 g